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Outreach Volunteer Form

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  • Alive Church - Social Covenant
    • I agree to be honorable and supportive through: Servant hood, Trust, Acceptance, Respect, Encouragement, Honesty, Forgiveness, Loyalty, Flexibility, Excellence in communication and confidentiality, Actions compelled by God's unconditional love.
    • I agree to give 100% of my best to our mission.
    • In the event of conflict, we agree to accept responsibility for our actions, be understanding of the other person's concerns, and seek reconciliation by:
      1. Never tearing down the person to others
      2. Pursuing the person with a loving, accepting attitude within 24 hours
      3. Receiving one another and believing the best with openness
      4. Going to the person first (one on one), listening non-defensively, and quickly forgiving
      5. Seeking mutually agreed upon Godly wisdom from a mediator if needed

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