AC-pray-iconAs we prepare to launch ALIVE Church, we’re dedicating time to prayer and fasting together. This is such an important time as we prepare to launch a new, life-giving church in the heart of our city. We sincerely believe there is nothing more significant we could do than PRAY, believing.

We are believing God to change people’s lives, heal marriages, restore families, revive communities, and on we could go. We’re believing God to start something new in our city that will not only affect it spiritually, but will affect it permanently. We’re believing God to do what only He can do. So as we pray, we don’t just write words on a page. No. We PRAY, believing.

Pick a time.

Select a time where, each day, you can pray. This may be first thing in the morning, right after class, on your drive home from work, or as a family after dinner. Just pick a time that, for the last Wednesday of each month, you set aside to Pray BELIEVING.

Remove something meaningful.
Fasting is basically the removal of something, typically food, for a period of time. We do this for the simple goal of getting closer to God. You may pick a meal each day that you choose to fast, choose to only consume liquids for a period of time, or even give up TV for the duration of the fast. You know your body and desires, and what would be most meaningful to you to give up for this period of time. The important thing is not “outdoing” someone else. The important thing is removing something meaningful to lean your focus, even more, into God.

Ask God Daily.
Each day of this fast, make it a priority to ask God. Remember what Matthew 21:22 says, “And all the things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.” Make it a priority to ask God to do what only He can do…through BELIEVING, in Bradenton, to help people believe.

Here’s a simple list of some priorities for us as we’re asking God during our prayers:
– the launch of Alive Church
– the community we serve
– launch team
– resources
– finances
– the lost
– spiritual victory

You will see…
His church is ALIVEā€¦So keep your eyes open. Keep your ears close to the ground. Watch what God does. We believe that He will bring the super to our natural and what we will see as we launch Alive Church will truly be supernatural.

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