Who we are

Before we introduce you to us, we want to first introduce you to Jesus.
We believe that Jesus was more than just a historical figure or a good teacher. We believe He is God who came to earth as a man and sacrificially died on the cross so that we could be made right with God. Furthermore, Jesus did not remain in the grave but upset it. He put death to death and is now the resurrected Lord of all. People often ask, what kind of church is Alive Church? Our response is simple: we are a Jesus church. Want to get to know Jesus? Contact us, we would LOVE to introduce you to Him.

Nelson and Amelia Ferrer

Thanks for checking out Alive Church!  Amelia and I are excited about what God is doing, and is going to do in Bradenton. We know Alive Church is a part of His plan to build His Kingdom here. Amelia and I met at church where we have both been involved in outreach and ministry. We have a huge heart for community outreach and world- wide missions, and have specifically invested much time and effort in Bradenton’s low-income to no-income neighborhoods. We believe that if we are going to see change in our community and our world, we must go, and GO starts HERE! The most important things in the world happen best from the local church.

We are the parents of four beautiful lives. Our family mission statement is pretty simple; we’re all about “loving the mess out of people the way Jesus has been busy loving the mess out of us.” Family isn’t just the people we share genetics with either. Church and family are synonymous terms for us.  We love doing life with people and we love living life on a mission.

We have a dream of a life-giving church that unchurched people would love to attend. But we don’t want to plant in just any city. The City of Bradenton is a unique city for which we have a passion. What is that passion? To help people all over the Bradenton area connect with God so that they might reach their full potential and make a positive difference in the lives of the people around them.

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